Odor Originating from the Throat

Tonsils Stones


Tonsils stones are a common cause of breath problems are the deep holes in the tonsils, known as crypts. They provide areas where the good white cells of the body can fight the bad bacteria. Then the dead bacteria and dead white cells are extruded and swallowed. Sometimes the material gets accumulated in the holes and cause odor.





Pharyngitis is an inflammation, infection or irritation of the pharynx. BB may simply be the result of a bacterial or viral infection that is causing breakdown of tissues there.



Zenker's Diverticulum


Zenker's Diverticulum is a diverticulum, pouch, in the area of the upper esophagus. Rather than food going directly from the mouth into the stomach, food can sit in this diverticulum and decompose producing an unpleasant smell. 


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