Odor Originating from an Acidit Body

An acidic person has thick blood that does not oxygenate properly, it over coagulates. The cells have difficulty getting rid of their wastes. Acidic blood impairs the absorption of vitamins, starves the body of vital nutrients and produces toxic build up in cells. The organs do not function properly, the digestion is sluggish, and as consequence the body produces excessive gas, bloating, gain weight. It creates the right environment for breeding bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungi and yeasts. Friendly bacteria perform an essential function is assisting the colon in keeping a proper pH or acid-base balance. It is necessary for the pH to stay in the right range so that other health supporting bacteria exist. It is also important to maintain levels of antagonistic micro-organisms under control. Halitosis is a sign that intestinal bacteria levels are impaired. It's not the bacteria in your mouth that is the only source of bad breath but also it's the bacteria in your gut. 



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