Dont's about Body Odor

Most of people visiting this website have have excellent hygiene and know exactly what NOT to do. But still, it is important to underline some facts. You will be amazed how many people don't practice proper hygiene. It is supposed to ensure good health and cleanliness.

  • Do not use the same shirt and underwear everyday. Bacteria stay in the fabric, they don't go away once you take clothes off.
  • Avoid tight clothes. Your skin needs to breath.
  • Do not wear the same socks or tights everyday, they smell.
  • Do not use the same shoes everyday. The hardest odor to eliminate are shoes odor. Fungus and perspiration play a role in their strong odor.
  • Do not share towels, combs, hair brushes, clothes and other personal thing.
  • Do not use synthetic material in your clothe or bedding. Your skin needs to breath.
  • Do not keep bedsheets longer than a week. Smell sticks in the fabric.
  • Avoid white flour, artificial fat, sugar, spicy and oily food. They are hard to digest.
  • Avoid drinking soda, caffeine or alcohol. They dry your mouth and make your body acidic.
  • Reduce meat, dairy, garlic and onion. They make you smell... without doubt.
  • Avoid being overweight. It can make you sweat more.
  • Avoid late night meals. You won't be able to burn those calories, and the digestion can be harder to process.
  • Do not skip brushing your teeth.
  • Do not chew gum with sugar, it can dispel bad breath.
  • Do not smoke. It dries your mouth.
  • Do not rinse with commercial mouthwashes that contain alcohol. They dry your mouth.



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