Odor Originating from Recreational Drugs



Cocaine, crack, cran, speed, ecstasy and methamphetamines are metabolic stimulants. They can cause chronic dry mouth and nose, and thus are a source of halitosis.





Heroine, morphine, and marijuana are non metabolic stimulants but they lead user to high sugar consumption, which is associated with bad breath due to tooth decay.





LSD, Mescaline besides extremely dilated pupils, distorted sense of sight, hearing, touch, and warm skin these drugs produce other symptoms like excessive perspiration and body odor.





Glue, Vapor Producing Solvents, Propellants (Spray paint cans, Household cleaners): Constant runny noses, watering eyes and poor muscle control are present in the person using these drugs. There is, of course, not only a persistent substance odor on breath but also on clothes. 

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