Do's about Body Odor

Most of people visiting this website have a chronic physical condition that produces bad breath or body odor. By the way... they have excellent hygiene. They are very familiar with the things written below, because they have tried everything to eliminate the smell. But still, it is important to underline some facts.


Body Odor

  • Bathe or shower daily to control the bacteria on the skin.
  • According to your situation use natural antibacterial soap or no soap at all.
  • Wash your hair as often as you can during the week. Your hair traps dirt and sweats. This combination is not favorable at all.
  • Use deodorants or natural remedies like apple cider vinegar, rosemary oil or tea tree oil which are antibacterial which fight body odor very well. Rubbing 8 to 10 drops of these oils prevents body odor.
  • Use natural materials such as cotton, silk, wool (clothes) and leather (shoes) to allow your skin to breath.
  • Use foot powder to absorb sweat or apply astringent that exude excess perspiration.
  • Rotate your shoes and change your socks frequently, at least twice a day. There are pantyhoses with cotton soles.
  • Walk barefoot as much as you can.
  • Wear loose fitting cotton underpants.
  • Keep the rectal and crotch areas dry.
  • If desire depilate the areas with hair. Bacteria like humidity.
  • Change your sanitary pads often.
  • Change your bedding at least once a week.
  • Use a detergent that eliminate odor in your clothes.
  • If your skin is very dry, moisturize with natural lotions.
  • If you like perfumes, use natural fragrances.

Bad Breath

  • Brush your teeth 3x daily to prevent the build-up of the bacteria that forms on your teeth, tongue and gum that causes bad breath.
  • Scrape your tongue always.
  • Floss your teeth meticulously.
  • Use mouthwashes with natural antibacterial like grape seed extract or those containing zinc.
  • Fix any oral problem you have.
  • For situational halitosis use sugarless strips, mints or gums that contain zinc.
  • Visit your dentist at least once a year.

For Body Odor and Bad Breath

  • Change your diet. Eat mainly vegetables and fruits. Very important!
  • Daily take probiotics. Non dairy like Rejuvelac or Good Belly.
  • Take a multivitamin.
  • Reduce food with strong odors.
  • If you can, practice correct food combination.
  • Drink plenty of water. It helps to flush out toxins from the body.
  • Exercise or walk at least 3x a week.
  • Exercise when it is not too hot, early morning or in the late afternoon.
  • Detox with Epsom salt bath, supplements, intestinal cleanse or juice fasting.
  • Have a physical at least once a year. Not only you should ask your doctor for the common tests (blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, etc), but try to get a food intolerance test (lactose, sucrose, fructose, raffinose, etc.) Undigested food ferments.


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